Fuel Filter for Betamarine

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  • May 22, 2017 5:35 AM
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    Ed Reioux wrote:I have the Racor 75/B32016-10 Dual Fuel Filter/Water Separator and filter to 2 microns before fuel ever gets to engine. I also have a vacuum gauge on the filter system to keep track of filter condition. If vacuum gauge shows need for filter change I just turn the lever and run on new filter and change at next opportunity.Very easy to change out as it is screw on type filter.

    I also have the ability to polish the fuel through the same filter system which I will do for about an hour after filling the tanks.The 2 micron filters can be difficult to find so I order 8 at a time. Never lost engine due to poor fuel or water. Filters are cheap insurance.

    Ed-  I am redoing the fuel system on the boat right now.  I'd love to see/hear a bit more about your setup that allows for polishing.  Thanks!


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