2021 Southern California Westsail Rendezvous

Hello fellow Westsailors!

Just a quick note to say what a great weekend. My son and I sailed down in a good breeze (15-17 knots or so), dodged a big pink super tanker that just wanted to make sure I was paying attention, and remembered our way into tiny rainbow harbor after one wrong turn.

Ron on Summerwind and Mark M. on Patricia A. (Two beautiful immaculate boats!) were already there and helped us tie off. Not without giving me a hard time about not doing a 3 point turn to get the bow pointed out. (I tried that a couple of years ago and touched bottom a bit too close to the sea wall). This time I thought I did pretty well nosing in and letting the wind push me down onto the dock, so what if I was in backwards!  

Kirk showed up with lots of gear and my husband delivered a cooler of beer. Enjoyed Friday evening cocktails on Patricia A. But called it an early night, good thing too as Bud walked down the dock at 8 am Saturday morning, but we were expecting him so coffee was ready.

Spent a relaxing morning catching up on Inalla as folks showed up until the cockpit was too full to squeeze one more in. Reminding everybody that Summerwind has air conditioning did the trick and we split folks between a few boats for the day.

Was very glad to meet Justin a new owner and show of my new lithium battery setup and electrical “system” (quotes added by my husband). Of course we then both went to admire Summerwind to really get schooled. Also to take notes on the solar pane arch construction.

Met a few more new westsailors who came without boats, and one who preferred to tie off for a bit before anchoring out Saturday night.

Scott left his boat in New Zealand but was gracious enough to share a few stories about crossing the pacific and taking his time enjoying getting out there through the South Pacific. In his words he’s “still gone” but we really enjoyed that he made some effort to come and spend the day and allow Mark J. ( local Westsailor) to sign him up as the guest speaker at the last minute for the promise of beer and a t shirt!

Mark had some good stories too, starting with racing lasers around Catalina island in the 70’s (had my 16 year old son enthralled and in awe). Mark’s boat suffered a sideswipe on a mooring in Newport so didn’t make it, but it sounds like it might be put back together by May and Mark J. has offered the potential for a glamorous venue in Newport for next year’s Rondy.

Don showed up sans boat, but if we bring the Rondy to Newport next year I’m sure we’ll see yet another beautifully restored Westsail in May. Was happy to see lifer Bob K.  who just sold his boat but will alway be part of the family. Missed Juergen who also just sold his boat, Linda, but as that one is on my dock,

Ron and I will be sure to meet the new owner soon. Rainbow harbor was as lively as ever and I did find time to risk my life on an electric scooter race out to the marina offices taking in vistas of the Queen Mary and Long Beach.  Mark Miller and I had a good catch up out of the sun mid afternoon with Kirk, who got so relaxed he took a nap. We got everyone motivated again with cocktails and BBQ catered on the dock.

My husband and daughter and her friend showed up late after a double header softball game. All in all a great way to spend a Saturday!

Back to reality Sunday morning as the other kid had to make a 3 pm baseball game, so we turned the boat around using a long line, woke the girls up and kicked them off the boat by 9 am with aquarium tickets and $20 each. Mark and Ron surfaced just in time to help us cast off. The girls  explored the area while we motor sailed the boat back up to the top of LA harbor, again in a good amount of wind upwards of 15/17 knots again and heeling over pretty well under main alone, even a bit too chilly but a fun way to wake up. Had the boat back in the slip and tucked up by 1 pm. Picked up the girls on the drive back down and congratulated myself on the logistics. Dropped Buds clipboard off before heading home (he’d left it on the boat) and took a Sunday afternoon nap! Not bad… 3 boats, 18 people, a few new friends! Hope for a few more boats next year too! 

Colleen Crystal 

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