2018 Northern California Rendezvous

The 2018 Westsail Rendezvous was held in the Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, Richmond, CA. We had ~25 for Saturday dinnner plus another ~10 who dropped by on Saturday to tour 7 Westsails.  Google Photo album

Special mention: 

Bud Taplin - for being Bud

Jay Bietz & Randy Leasure - for Hosting

Kirk Brown - WOA Store

Owners and vessels in attendance
 Randy  Leasure  Danielle  Leasure  Tortuga W32 Pier 39
 Jay  Bietz
 Pygmalion W32 Alameda Marina
 Rick  Morris
 Freestyle W32 Brickyard Cove
 James   Beach

 Robert  Kingston  Emily  Richards  Constanza W32
 Ted  Crocker
 Robert Weaver      Glorious W32  
Owners and non Owners in attendance
 Bud  Taplin
 Robert  Knobloch  Soltero W32 Dana Point, CA
 Charles  Youngquist Deborah  Youngquist  Voyager  W32 Emeryville
 Owen  Youngquist Eva  Youngquist  Voyager  W32 Emeryville
 Doug  Lamb      Pelican  W32 Bodega Bay Harbor
 Stu  Bennett      Worldwind  W32 Bodega Bay Harbor
 Joseph Graham Debbie Graham Sosiego W32Brickyard Cove
 Kirk Brown    W32 
 Mike Ransom Michael RansomAerides II W32 
 Tom King   Island Drifter  
 Micheal Jacobson     
 Art Kleiner     
 Eric  Seiberlich Karen Jackson   

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