WESTSAIL - Circumnavigators

 Westsailors regularly cruise the major oceans and many circumnavigate taking 1 to 5 years or more.  A few have made multiple trips around the world. 

Below is a list of Westsailors who are known to have circumnavigated.  The list was compiled from the records of Latitude 38, letters to the editor of the Windblown publication or from our long time members. 

Our list of circumnavigators include 2 winners of the SSCA achievement congratulations to:

2001 - Roger and Molly Firey of Sundowner W32 #251

2007 - Eric Forsyth  of Fiona W42 #042

Please contact the webmaster@westsail.org if you know of additional Westsailors who have completed their circumnavigation.

Names  Home Port Years of voyage  Vessel Name
Eudell Jiles - Single Hand Galveston, TX, USA 1975-1980 Hannah W32
Francis, Jack & Laura  Murphys, CT, USA  1984-1990  Tamarac II W32
Gustavson, Rick & Jean  San Diego, CA USA  1984-1991  Mana W28
Hoffman, George  Moss Landing CA USA  1984-1992  Io W32
Lewis, Joseph  Oakland, CA USA  1994-1996  Morning Wind W32
Sutton, Stan, Caren,Liz,Jen  San Francisco, CA USA  1981-1989  Marinka W43
Andrews, Bill  Arlington, WA USA  2003-2005  Quest W32
Trevor & Raewyn Hughes  New Zealand  < 2005  Nerissa W43 #037
Poole, Mark    < 2003  Silverheels
Hopkins, Doug, Kylem Elisa, Abigail    2003 - 2010  Estrella W32
Veith, Ranier    abt 1972  Spindrift now Helen W32 #055
Johnson, Mike      Aissa W32 #257
Tiews, Bob       Renaussance W32 #051
Packer, Robert      Gimli W32 #203
Forsyth, Eric  1995-1997, 2002-2003  Fiona W42 #048
Kenaston, Jim & Jeanne    1979-1982  Sabbatical W32 #657
Firey, Roger & Molly    3 times 1980-2000  Sundowner W32 #251
 Jill Upchurch & Bruce Bird  Whangarei, New Zealand  2006-2014  Daemon K32 #12
 Micheal & Susan BeilanFlorida, USA 2007-2017 Infini W43 
 John Freeland SanDiego, Ca  1997 - 2016 Mary Ann II W32 
 Jerome Rand Gloucester,MA 10/2017 - 6/2018  Mighty Sparrow W32
 Sue & Bob Kendig  Newport Beach, CA  2/1994 - 4/2004 Rejoice W42


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