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  • January 18, 2019 12:51 PM
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    I suspect there are already postings on how to fix leaks, but I didn't see how to search the forum for old topics.

    I moved aboard my 28w seven months ago, and prior to that I'd never stepped foot on a boat (for all intents and purposes). So, now I'm dealing with what I can only imagine is a common issue: leaks. I returned home from a three week holiday, and discovered that it had been storming nonstop while I was gone.

    It looks like there are small leaks in a few place, but a big area is the rear berth, above my fuel tank. I don't know where to begin with fixing a leak: how do I pinpoint it? How do I seal it? Could the leak have caused any sort of structural rotting I need to be concerned with? Any sort of specificity in products and techniques you can give me would be greatly appreciated, because when I say I'm new to this, I mean totally fresh. I'm attaching some photos—you can see in one where there's obvious sunlight pouring in from somewhere, but maybe the fiberglass is just a little translucent? I've no idea.

    Thanks all.

    (And please check out my other posting—I've got solar issues to deal with!)

  • January 18, 2019 4:48 PM
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    Hey David , it looks like you have the dreaded cap rail leak . Don't worry though it's highly unlikely it's anything structural . It's just a pain  to fix , but you are young and you can handle it . First you must dig/strip out as much of the old calking as possible from the outside and the inside , then sand the cleaned out space  and  wash it with acetone . Now get a calk gun and a few tubes of the correct type of Sikaflex . (there are different types) I'll look into it . From what I understand Sikaflex is good stuff . In the past I have used BoatLife , I don't recommend it as it dries and cracks in almost no time . Hopefully someone will come along with some more info .

    OK , I think we need Siaflex 291 .

    Also when I said inside and outside , I mean outside of the cap rail and on the inside of the gunnel rail (still outside) . 

    Plus it is also possible the leak is coming from a hawse pipe . 

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  • January 18, 2019 5:08 PM
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    Lots of information on the site ... Westsail Fixes & FAQ  is one place... I've been updating over the years. 

    Further look through the WOA Google album 

    The only way IMHO for a long term fix is to do the hard work and remove the caprails and epoxy/glass over the area under the caprails... 

    Come back here if you have more questions. 


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