Known weak points?

  • September 01, 2022 8:31 PM
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    Hello everyone I'm in talks to go look at a 1978 hull and before I pay for a survey on it I'm going to check it over. I was wondering if there are any spots that I could pay special attention to while looking it over? Any pointers would be great. Thanks in advance.

  • September 02, 2022 9:43 AM
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    Bud Taplin has written a service manual , anyone considering buying a Westsail  should get one . Get it at    Good luck keep us posted .

    Mark .

  • September 02, 2022 1:09 PM
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    take a look at the top of the Ask Bud forum for many pdf's to download. 

    I've also attached a "Survey form" source unknown that may help with your pre-survey examination. 

    As for "weak spots" in the vessel - a lot depends on your sailing plans.  If you are heading out around the world vs a day sailor in protected waters will determine the scope of your probable refit. Since these boats are 40+ years old I suspect that most of the hardware/systems will need examination. 

    What you can ask about are:

    Engine/transmission condition and does the engine have a heat exchanger or is it salt water cooled. 

    Are the decks covered with teak if so check condition of the teak and the deck below for soft spots ie possible rotting plywood core.

    Bowsprit & boomkins - usually made of wood looking for soft spots in the wood. 

    Sail condition, hull condition - when hauled out last etc. 

    Does the cabin smell of diesel or mildew / moisture or sewer gas. 


    Jay Bietz

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  • September 02, 2022 4:24 PM
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    Thank you for a starting direction to look in. Yes I know the boat will eventually need a full refit as my goal is to sail away and just keep sailing and exploring. Really this boat is about 4 years early in my plan but if its solid and needing a few things it might be too good of a deal to pass up. I would just want it to be a solid enough boat to not need ton of work before sailing it from Seattle to Reedsport.

  • September 02, 2022 7:52 PM
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    If your pre-survey looks good and you proceed with the survey - be sure to advise your surveyor of your plans as he/she will make a list of issues that need attention.. 

    Do you know the history of the vessel as well as the hull number? 

    We have "lost" several boats on their first voyages - so make sure you and your boat are ready for the voyage.  I can also put you in touch with very experienced Westsailors who can assist up in your area.


    We also have more information for full members here 

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