W28 Watertank replacement

  • November 24, 2018 5:27 PM
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    dear snailors,

    finally i find the time to update the progress on the watertank on w28 "lucy"

    ours was aluminium,40 years old and heavily corroded.

    we cut the plywood under the settee open to gain access to the tank and anglegrinded two big squares into the tank.inside we found all the corrosion and two baffles.we cut those out with a oscillating tool (kinda messy job) and smoothed everything with a sander.some of the holes went right through the tank,so we filles those with 5200 and some plywoodscraps on the otherside.the welding seems and the rest of small holes were also filled with 5200.at the end we had a pretty smooth surface.we had a inflatable bladder custom made for the shape of the w28 tank (drawing from the construction manual) from duratank in england www.griffonhoverworks.com , it was kinda expensive,like 800$,but none of the other companys we`ve contacted could help us or had a cheaper solution.we had the tank made with a 2nd layer or truck tarp around it to protect it from chafe.all the fittings came with the tank,fitting the old existing holes,verry good quality and simply plug&play.the squareholes we just covered with tarp and duct tape to protect it from debris wandering into the tank.we drink that water daily,it tastes great and no problems so far! 

    i wrote this to give people with a w28 some hope to do the job,it`s not so bad and i could help and guide you through if theres more questions!

    christian,karin and lucy the boat

    heres some photos of the job:

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  • November 27, 2018 9:04 AM
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    Nice write up and pictures Christian , thanks . I had always thought the only way to get to the tank was to cut the floor under the table . It's good to know of your fix . So far so good with Patricia A 's water tank .  Thanks again Christian .

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