Northern Cal Rendezvous (rope work)

  • October 04, 2015 12:26 PM
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    Thanks; to everyone who attended  John, Kurt, Rick, Sarah, Mike and Andrea and if I missed your name thank you as well.

    The eye splice did indeed take more time than it should have for the class! I am old, slow and out of practice a little and I am sticking to that story.

    A faster and better video of the double braid splice is at  Samson class 1 splice  a u-tube video.

    I hope all had fun, and enjoy any good Ideas that came from the weekend.

    And thanks again to Samson rope who provided the line for the class, and Jay who said he will cover the hardware cost.

    For those who did not do the class for the safety lei; it is just an eye splice on the end of 10' of line with a carabiner hooked in it; then a pool noodle slid down the line to the eye and a ss ring tied to keep the noodle captured and allowing the noodle to wrap around and be clip by the person (like Jay) that falls in the water.  It can work like a life sling, but also can be used for all kinds of things +/-.

    Fair winds;



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  • October 07, 2015 12:47 PM
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    Here is Norm with his class.. and below the finished product... 

    Norm: You do know that my graceful decent into the water was carefully planned in the hopes of making the 2015 Nor Cal Rondy memorable!! 


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