Kendall Westsail 39 flush deck - NEED HELP!

  • December 08, 2022 9:12 PM
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    I need some advice, help, input into this topic and wanted to put it out there to see what I can do. I need to share a bit of my story to fully get the picture. My husband passed away suddenly last year, leaving behind me and his 3 month old daughter.  I have been taking it day by day, but there are a lot of things to figure out. We had a very adventurous life and had probably every boat size you could think of.  He had a 39' flush deck Kendall, named Nicole, that we sailed to Mexico one year. The plan was to sail around the world eventually, but work brought us back to BC where we call home.  He would try to go back each winter to work on Nicole and sail a bit. As Covid hit and then we were expecting, life got busy, then he passed suddenly.  The sailboat is in drydock, but hasn't been looked at for 3 years. An acquaintance went to go check it out and now it's in rough shape and might have had a termite infestation.  That led to some openings, which led to water entering and now it's slowly deteriorating. It.s currently in San Blas, Mexico which makes it hard to work on or get to a broker.  I loved that boat and what it represented, but I know I need to let it go.  I dont know if anyone has any thoughts on how much potentially whatś left of it might be worth or if there;s anyone out there that would want a boat project and would like to buy it.  The hull is indestructible, but there was wood beams and framing under the fiberglass deck.  The wood is the issue as it's taken quite a toll with the elements.  I've added a picture of it in its glory days, but it's a different version of that now.  I haven't had a chance to see it, but just saw pictures.  Please let me know if anyone out there has any thoughts on what I can do with what's left of Nicole and how much things might be worth? Thanks

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    I'm very sorry to hear of your husbands sudden passing and wish you and yours all the best moving forward.

    Reading your message I have a few comments.

    The Kendall company manufactured hulls 1 to 31 as a flush deck 32 ft boats. Hulls 32 and onward were usually with a trunk cabin. The 39 foot may refur to the length overall. 

    See for more details. 

    Valuation of vessels should be compared against other similar vessels on the market. Here are a few sites listing Westsails. 

    Sailboat Listings

    Westsail Parts

    From your description of the vessel, I would have to say that you are selling a hull with a few reusable items and probably a soft deck. 

    Someone who would purchase the vessel would need to plan on spending years and 5-6 figures to remodel/rehab the vessel to a sea worthy - world cruising condition.

    If you wish to contact me at - I can comment futhers. 

    Fair winds 

    Jay Bietz

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