• May 14, 2019 10:46 AM
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    Hello everyone,

    I've recently purchased a W32 - hull 735, currently named Indefatigable, but also went by Sparrow.  Its a west coast boat and has been most recently kept around the san juans/puget sound area.  The previous owner passed away a few years ago and the boat had been kept/neglected on the hard in La Conner,WA.  I have very little information on the boat, its maintenance and upgrades and history.  If anyone here recognizes it and has any info that may be helpful please get in touch.  

    Some notable things are:

    Permanent backstays for the staysail (extra set of chainplates)

    No pulpits at the mast

    Cabin top mainsheet and staysail sheet travelers.

    Possibly original 3qm30 inboard!!! Looks as though its been fitted with a fresh water flush out system from the cockpit.  I've yet to go over it and see what condition its in or hear it running.

    Stainless boomkin 

    Monitor windvane 

    3rd diesel tank, directly aft of the cockpit/cabin bulkhead.

    Kern offshore 3 reef main, the rest of the sails look to have been made in port townsend. Roller furling head sail, hank on staysyl.

    The boat had been closed up and left in the rainy PNW for some time.  Some serious effort has been put in to cleaning up mold and water damage.  The sampson posts and adjacent 4sqft of core have been replaced due to rot as well as the forward chainlocker bulkhead.  I'm now trying to move on to the rest of the systems.  New batteries, head, cutlass bearing and probably a prop are on the list for now.

    There is quite a bit of diesel in the bilge that needs to be cleaned up, and its "oranges" need to be traced.  I'm first going to remove the diesel cabin heater and supply line as I'm replacing with a solid fuel stove anyways.  I'm hoping that none of the 3 tanks are the culprit, though from a first quick inspection there doesnt look to be any fuel around them.  

    I have many many questions and am hoping I can find some answers as I dig into this project.  I've taken lots of photos and will try uploading some soon.  


  • May 14, 2019 12:48 PM
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    Heres a few photos so far...

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    Should I be concerned by the way the tangs are much wider than the chain platethickness?  

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    Hi Mike , congratulations on your new to you W32 . And glad you joined WOA . Looks like you are moving right along getting her fixed up . 

    As far the shroud ends not fitting well with the tang , ours are like that too . Kern did our rigging and that's how he left it . The only thing it hurts is if it's popped out the other way the yankee sheet will catch on it . I'm going to pop them the other way and see if they stay there . For a long time I just tied a piece of leather over it , but I'm over that now .


  • May 14, 2019 7:20 PM
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    Hello Mike,   That is quite an undertaking.  Good luck.  The toggle on the chain plate is completely normal and the way it is done.  There are many ways, like Mark has said, to deal with the awkwardness if it is bothersome.  It is always wrong, however to bend the sides together.       At the Westsail rendezvous in Port Townsend, the 1st weekend of August, there will be many Westsails to inspect.  There will also be many knowledgeable, experienced sailors to answer questions.  And, of course, the rest of us will be there to tell stories.  Bud Taplin our guru is planning on attending.  Please join us. The rendezvous are always fun and informative.  I’m looking forward to meeting you.  Just stop by the boat with the blue stripe.      Dave

  • May 15, 2019 10:01 PM
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    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Dave, I've read much about your fairing mod.  I've been tempted to tackle it now as fiberglasssupply is close by and I'm already on the hard.  It may be a bit much to tackle at once though.  Another mod which looks tempting is glassing in the scuppers.  It seems so silly to have water plumbed inside the boat, run along side the pantry and electronics, to a through hull 3' away.  

    Today I pumped 15 gallons from the bilge, about 30% which looks to be marked diesel.  I still haven't tracked down the source of it, though the fuel plumbing setup is quite complicated with 8 different shutoffs and countless connectors and it looks too easy for someone to open the wrong valve while the engine is running and dump fuel.  My biggest fear now is that the IP is leaking though I wont be able to fire up and test for another week. 

    I'm looking for ways to clean up the bilge.  The entire hull is lined with 1/2" foam insulation and the stuff down under the water tanks has been soaking it up for who knows how long.  I'm tempted to remove the diesel soaked pieces, but that means pulling the tanks, which means pulling parts of the floor and dinet, and on and on it goes...  

    Every day its a bigger project, but I still think its worth it.

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