New owner of a W32 - easternmost end of the Mediterranean

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  • May 16, 2019 6:30 AM
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    Deleted user
    Anonymous wrote:Hello Bora,  Sorry about your problem.  The pictures are not “all telling”, but I don’t see a real problem with a repair.  The rudder was built in 2 halves and the seam has been split.  Any experienced fiber glasser should not have a problem fixing it within 3 labor days.  A more difficult repair may be at the forward edge, that is not visible in the pictures.  That is, around the pintle recessions.  In doing the repair, I recommend using a good epoxy, like West Systems 105/205.  Good luck. Keep us informed.      Dave

    certainly one option i will consider. i have taken out the rudder and sanding it down to bare fiber for it to dry at the moment. i have made some holes at the bottom for any water to drain while waiting for a repair.

    I have everything on video but so far I have only been able to edit the turkish language portion of the videos. As soon as I have the english version edited i will post a link to you guys so you can judge the situation more accurately.

  • May 16, 2019 6:32 AM
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    Anonymous wrote:

    I've been watching youtube channel Sail Life with Madds (sp) -- not a westsail but he is really rebuilding his boat - a Warrior 38

    Here is a link to the middle of a rudder build video where he talks about expanding epoxy foam --  - might be interesting. 

    Earlier he also makes from his original rudder - molds for his new rudder. 


    hi jay.

    I've been following the guy myself too. in fact he just finished his new rudder in last week's episode i believe. I don't have access to a vacuum system but his videos on the rudder in general certainly helps. thanks.

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