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  • June 24, 2018 1:15 PM
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    Last time I was out I noticed my reefing hook looked weird/bent. I hadn't given the gooseneck a close look in a while, so I took it off for a good look-see.

    First question is - on the boom, should the hardware (like a heavy duty pin) rotate on the end of the boom (which would allow the boom to rotate length-wise in the gooseneck), because mine doesn't. Maybe it just needs a little lube? The pin isn't sitting vertically, either, it is off to one side.

    The second issue is the gooseneck itself. I have the version that looks like this (cut-and-pasted from another gooseneck conversation on here from a few years ago, but it's the same):

     photo unnamed_zpsinw79owy.jpg

    My reef hooks were in the second of the two larger holes, the boom was in the lower one. 

    My main was in the lowest/farthest forward hole in the top section.The other holes were empty.

    A few years ago I switched my main to loose-footed and used a double-swivel fitting for the main. I think that is the reason I moved the reef hooks down, but I can't remember.

    The bolt I had been using for the reef hooks was bent way out of shape, I was surprised it was holding, plus the reef hooks swivel around, i.e., they hang upside down,and I have to move them to use them. This doesn't seem right.

    Can someone post a pic of the same gooseneck installed?

    I have a machinist friend that I may be able to wheedle into making a new gooseneck, beefier, stainless, longer-lasting. Is there any reason to chase down the original if a new one can do the same thing (hold the boom, hold down the sail, provide a place for the reef hook)?

    Thanks for any suggestions, 


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  • July 04, 2018 8:53 PM
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    Hello Stephen,

    Sorry to be so slow in responding to your question.  I just got back in town late last night.  Your gooseneck fitting is almost the same as mine.  The only difference is in the number of holes.  YES, your gooseneck, coming out of the boom should rotate.  It should be removed and re-installed so that it does so.    On my fitting I am using the same, upper hole for Both the Tack of the sail AND the reef hooks.  Simply, I use a bolt with ny-lock nut.  I allow the hooks to rotate freely, so yes, they will lay in the upside down position.  This is OK and often makes it easier to hook onto the reef cringle.  I have never felt a need to change this feature.  The extra hole will allow you to move the hooks and fasten them in a Fixed position though if you desire it that way.

    Important note to other readers:  Not all Goosenecks are designed to rotate.  If it is designed to rotate then it should as that relieves stress on the attachment to the mast.   If the Gooseneck is designed not to rotate then the attachment to the mast will be beefier.  Usually welded onto the mast. and not adjustable.

    I hope this has been of some use.  Good luck with your projects.


  • July 05, 2018 9:17 AM
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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the reply - I was cursing the damn Westsail facebook page for killing the traffic to the paid-for members area. It's gotta be hurting the membership levels. But I digress.

    I was able to get a friend to pop out the center pin with a hydraulic press. It was amazing how well it was seized up. It's greased now, should make a big difference. I think I'm going to have to address the outhaul end of the boom too, it appears to not pivot either.

    Thanks again,


  • July 08, 2018 11:20 AM
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    For others with gooseneck issues, Catalina sells a gooseneck casting that will fit the LeFiell boom extrusion that most of the Westsail 32's have. It is not the rotating kind, but if you remove a pin it will rotate. Check your boom extrusion before buying this

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