New W32 rudder being made

  • January 23, 2014 7:30 AM
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    I have an order for a new rudder for a Westsail 32, and a company that has agreed to make it.  They specialize in replacement rudders, keels, and tillers, and they currently make replacement tillers for me.

    It will be a one-off, using vinylester resin and high density foam, with additional reinforcement in stress areas, and will have tubes bonded in to accept the bronze pintal pins.  .

    This rudder will fit a Westsail 32 with fiberglass gudgeons, and will have the trailing edge of the rudder thinned down for better water flow.

    If there are other W32 owners needing, or wanting, a new rudder, they can make a mold, and reduce the cost somewhat over a one-off rudder.  This first one is needed by the end of July, so if I receive additional orders, they can make a mold instead, and duplicate the rudders.  They can also make fiberglass gudgeons if necessary.

    Contact me if you are interested.
  • September 27, 2018 6:03 AM
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    Can anyone tell me the weight of the WS32 rudder??

  • October 06, 2018 7:06 PM
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    The weight of the W32 rubber - hmm - I recall that assuming it has not been filled with water - when I removed Pygmalion's rudder - it took Dave King and I to pick the rudder up when horizontal to move it.  It wasn't that heavy but quite large and bulky.  

    I found that after removing the tiller - and suspending the rudder with a halyard - that I could manage removal and installation by myself with the yard's cadaver table.  

    This is not what you asked but hopefully it helps.  


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  • February 24, 2019 5:59 AM
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    Hey Bud,

    Hope all is well. Real interested in the possibility of having some fiberglass  gudgeons made up for Agua Azul. Please let me know if this is still possible.


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