Westsail 42 Bilge

  • June 26, 2018 10:48 AM
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    Hi all,

    Been glassing in new stringers and bulkheads to accommodate new fuel and water tanks.

    As part of the process, I am cleaning the bilge area that is under the engine room / engine pan. On our W42s one can say that they have an upper bilge area and a lower /deep one. As seen in the two photos taken from bottom of companion way looking aft, there is an approx. 3” high ridge. The ridge / possible upper part of a form/ bulkhead is at the point where the upper bilge dumps into the lower bilge. The 3” high part, as I see it, inhibits water from upper bilge dumping into lower bilge until the water, etc. gets to 3” high. Thinking of it when we steam cleaned the bilge from diesel fuel contamination from leaking tanks, the water, etc. did eventually drain. 

    Has any W42 owners seen this 3” rise at the apex of upper to lower bilge. Thinking of cutting it out or drilling large holes trough it. But if it has a plywood core, etc., will have to seal it. That could be a problem if already soaked with contaminated deisel bilge water. Of course access to this area is very limited.

    Sorry, photos uploaded sideways for some reason.

    Any thoughts, etc. 

    Best to all..



    S/V Cadence

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