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  • February 11, 2022 1:15 PM
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    Well after 48 years my sprit has dry rotted. Deciding on SS or fir. Does Bud still manufacture SS sprits. I live in Vancouver Canada where it rains a lot, or it did until last summer.

    What is the peoples opinion as to fir vs. SS

  • February 11, 2022 1:52 PM
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    I'm sure that Bud can get you a new SS bowsprit.

    I replaced Pygmalion's wood sprit with Bud's SS one and am very happy to NOT worry about the wood delaminating/rotting etc. 

    Some notes on the replacement:

    I would have liked to have mounting ears welded to the bowsprit for mounting a windless.

    I also sent Bud the SS end cap - and he had it welded onto the new bowsprit.

    Also the bowsprit is welded so that there shouldn't be any way that moisture can leak into the tube. This means that you will not want to drill holes into the tube. 

    I also replaced the wood wedge under the bowsprit - a SS wedge is welded to the bottom of the SS tube. 

    You might consider having the new bowsprit polished.

    There are a couple of other projects that you might want to consider... 

    1. removing the caprail under the bowsprit - and epoxying the deck and hull together. 

    2. replacing the samson posts with SS versions that don't penetrate the deck. 

    Here are a few links from the Members' Area -

    Fixing a wood bowsprit

    Removing a bowsprit

    Review of Vberth repair and replacing samson posts



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