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  • May 20, 2015 6:59 PM
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    I am getting closer to having all the stories, but I still need some more.  I only have one short story about racing the W32, about Dave King’s 1988 race to Hawaii.  I also need a good story about the Westsail Owners Association.  I have one put together about rendezvous, but not one about the rest of what the association does for the Westsail family.  Could also use ones about building a boat.  Maybe some good sailing pictures also.  I want to have some color pictures of each of the sizes of Westsails in the book, as well as line drawings.

    Could you post it on the bulletin board, and maybe send an email out to the owners asking for their stories.  I want to get them all collected within the next two months, and then I can do the editing and arrange the book.


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