Advice on righting a toppled W32

  • January 24, 2018 12:39
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    I just got an email that my W32 has toppled over in the RV storage yard I was keeping it. This is due to a combination strong winds and soggy ground in the recent days. Fortunately, nothing nearby was damaged which is obviously a huge relief.

    Would anyone have advice on how I should go about economically getting my boat back on the stands?

  • January 25, 2018 23:42
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    Sorry you are in this position.   I think a crane might be surprisingly competitive.  They will have relevant rigging and straps to lift.  Especially if you allow them control of  when  they will lift.  Purchase the Jan Adkins book,  Moving Heavy Things.   That book is seriously great.   It will be much about control,  moving slowly,  and safety of those involved.  A sketch of it's surroundings would be useful for planning.   A huge tractor, real truck, would be assets.   My mind starts to think of using barrels of water to act as counter weight probably involving some railroad ties to get weight away from hull.   Hard to communicate without a drawing.  

    Where is boat located?   

    Good luck.   What have your thoughts been so far?


  • January 26, 2018 09:22
    Reply # 5703476 on 5700545

    Thanks. I'll check that book out. The boat is in North-Western New Jersey.

    The only reason it's in an RV park is my freedom-hating town doesn't allow boats over 28' in residential properties unless garaged. 4' less and I could have left it where it was, right next to my house... on solid asphalt. Grrr.

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