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  • June 02, 2020 6:55 AM
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    Hello all,

    Finally have a W42 lined up.  Going to refit it over the next few years and hoping to find original schematics or manuals that may have come with the boat.  Was told Bud might have the construction manual for sale?  Thanks

  • June 03, 2020 8:46 AM
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    Hi Phil , hope it all works out on your 42 . Please tell us about it . 

    Bud has what you want on CD .

    Mark .

  • June 03, 2020 9:24 AM
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    Deleted user

    Great news! We have some original schematics, drawings, pamphlets, etc. that I could scan and send your way. See what Bud has and let me know if additional documents would be nice to have. Congrats! 

  • June 05, 2020 10:01 AM
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    Emailed Bud, anything you guys have would be great.  Any idea how to access work done on "from a bare hull"?

    Came to the Rendezvous in the PNW last year and linked up with Snider Vick, his W42 "Clea" is the boat I will be taking possession of once this Covid mess is over...

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  • June 06, 2020 7:59 AM
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    Got in touch with Robert ("from a bare hull"), his website is temporarily down.

    Anyways, I'll order the CD/DVD from Bud, anything you guys think would be helpful in understanding the construction and layout, please share.  I'm anticipating a full restoration.  More than likely I will start with the engine compartment and tanks.  Heard those tanks are fun........

  • June 07, 2020 9:33 AM
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    Hi Phil,

    I am doing a refit of a W42. I am in process of final stages of installing new fuel & water tanks. I redesigned the stringers and bulkheads to accept new tanks that fit through the companionway. Put in Beta 75 and designed new fuel management panel. 

    Here are some photos of new stringer & bulkhead layout, mock up tanks & new tanks.

    If I can be of any help or if you would want to look at our W42, let me know. 



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  • June 07, 2020 10:53 AM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Reviewing the images -- very nice and a lot of work on the rebuild... do share images as you can as we don't have much info on the W42/W43 boats... 


  • June 07, 2020 3:15 PM
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    Outstanding George,

    I will definitely be in touch once I get rolling.

    Did you end up with a larger capacity for fuel/water?

    Did the construction manual that folks are referring to show you the proper layout of what you were removing?

  • June 09, 2020 11:18 PM
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    Phil & Jay,

    I have full photo documentation of what I have done and how, step by step. If it might possibly help someone else, whether for how I did it or ideas for whomever. As far as schematics or construction manual helping, I have to say not much. Good reference, but seems each vessel is a little different in layout, etc.  In the W42 the tanks seem to be positioned aft of the step down to the engine bulkhead. It is a huge task as other can attest to. 

    I wanted to make tanks that fit threw the companionway. I did not fully remove the furniture, but cut it in specific places where I can place doublers and make the furniture and floor removable to make tanks access possible in the future for the next owner if and when needed. So in theory the furniture could be unbolted / in screwed without destroying the interior or having to go through the huge task.  Probably crazy on my part.


    My old tanks were sitting in the upper bilge which lead to their demise. So take a look at how the tanks are situated on the boat you are looking at. In designing my tank setup, I glassed in a shelf 3” above the bilge where the tank sits on. I ground the entire bilge forward of the step down to the engine bulkhead down to good clean glass and re glassed it which multiple layers of biaxial then layers of matt. Then I glassed in new stringers and bulkheads on the wing tanks. Between the center tanks, I designed a removable bulkhead so that it could be removed to access the bottom tank in the future if needed. Everything is gel coated. I did not want to use bilge coat because it seems to peel off down the line. The gel coat is more permanent. 

    I also designed a shelf just forward of the engine bulkhead / right below the companionway ladder to accept 4 or 6 L-16 batteries. So I can lower them with block & tackle into place if needed. This cut my total fuel down from original 250 gal to 200 gals. Shelf does not affect the wing tanks. Water tankage is now around 170 gals with possibility to add more. Main center tanks sit on another shelf which is removable above the bottom tapered tank sitting on the shelf above the bilge. I designed a tapered tank there to follow the lines of the hull. The tank being narrower forward than the aft end. I went with this instead of rectangular because if the fabricator was off then it could be a real problem. With the tapered tank, it just slid forward into the tapered stringers that I glassed in, insuring a snug fit and room for fabrication error. Worked out well. Using this area, gave another 35 gal tank which can be used for water or whatever. I will use it for water until they say that grey water tanks are needed.

    The yard that I had had the boat in had given me an estimate of 85 grand to replace the tanks. They wanted to cut off the whole cabin top, take out the furniture, etc. Totally crazy. They did not want to hear about cutting old tanks up to take out through companionway and bring new one in the same way. Luckily, I am cable of doing most of the work. Crazy too. :)

    Hope all this has not bored you. 

    Jay & Phil,

    I can upload some photos on this thread or start another W42 tank thread and post photos there. At some point I was going to make a website with the info & photos or something like that. Or whatever you would think best. 




    s/v W42 Cadence

  • June 14, 2020 8:06 PM
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    Anonymous member (Administrator)


    I  suggest a new topic in the Westsail 42/43 forum -- good place to start.  


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