W42 Steering Pedestal/ Merriman Yacht Specialties / broken idler pulley plate

  • June 04, 2015 10:09 AM
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    Hi Everyone,

    I was removing the W42 helm and the adjustable idler pedestal came apart in 2 pieces. I had seen a crack in it when we bought the boat and it is beyond welding repair… In addition to the 2 cable pulleys it has a sprocket for the Cetec Benmar Course Setter 21S. Since the autopilot does not work or needs a new control head at the helm, the unit seems / is obsolete. I have had no luck at finding a new or used control head.

    I may try and have a new plate made up and switch over the pulleys , etc.  I have an email to Edson Marine to see if an Edson  Adjustable idler pedestal would fit. Thus would leave the autopilot idler pulley, etc. off….

    Does anyone recommend any particular autopilot for the W42 ?  Most autopilot these days attach at the steering quadrant. The Cetec install was not installed very well, half of it installed on the bottom of the engine hatch and half on the boats hatch edge making it not very stable / solid mount..

    Has anyone had the adjustable idler pulley plate crack / break ?  Replaced the steering / compass pedestal ?

    Any thoughts ?



    W42 Cadence / formerly Viking Rose

  • June 04, 2015 12:48 PM
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    Deleted user

    There was some info on W42  Fiona's Yacht Specialties pedestal & steering breakage/repairs on Yachtfiona.com from his Anarctica trip last year.   Also, http://minneysyachtsurplus.com recently had a full Yacht specialties pedestal with steering system parts and compass, wheel etc (32" wheel) for sale.   It was around $1000 for the whole thing. 

    Our 42 has a Simrad (Roberts?) hydraulic autopilot that does connect directly to the quadrant.  It's worked well.  The rudder position display on it is handy, too.  Our model is out of production, but give us a call or email if you want more info.

    Good Luck,


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