• March 03, 2015 1:45 AM
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    Has anyone used a Autoprop on and 42/43? If so what size and how well did it work? Someone I know has a 19 inch Autoprop for sale cheep and I was thinking of using it.  



  • March 03, 2015 2:26 PM
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    Jim -

    We are using a Gori folding (two speed) prop with 75 hp BETA and have generally been pleased with the very low drag as well as forward (two speed) and reverse thrust performance.

    One maintenance issue yet to be resolved with the Gori is the very short life of the urethane 'stops' that the prop relies on to cushion the shock (slam) when the blade opens and also serve as a bearing for the blades to seat on when driving the boat forward or reverse. 

    The stops take a crushing 'hit' whenever the shaft rotation changes from forward to reverse are relatively expensive ($20.00 X3) and deteriorate in proportion to the number of times the blades are cycled from folded to open or when postion changes from forward to reverse, as in docking maneuvers.

    I would be interested to know if any other reversing or feathering prop manufacturer is using a similar urethane stop cushion system and how these might be fairing with a heavy design (W42/43).

    Best, Tom (W42 Second Line)

  • March 04, 2015 9:25 AM
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    Quite a number of years ago a W42 owner installed an Autoprop on his W42, and sent me the information brochure from Autoprop.  I do not recall knowing the diameter of his prop.  In the brochure from Autoprop it describes performance of a 470 mm ( 18.5") Autoprop in a Moody 33 with a Volvo 2003T engine, rated 43 HP at 3200 RPM with a 2.4 to 1 reduction transmission.

    If that is what they recommend for that boat, then the 19" prop would be too small for your W42, since you.probably have an 85 HP Perkins 236 in the boat.

    I have a good source on the J-Prop, which is also a good feathering prop, and I have sold a number of them to W32 owners.  Contact me directly if you are interested in a J-Prop.

  • March 05, 2015 5:23 AM
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    Thanks Bud, I will.

  • May 17, 2015 7:43 PM
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    We have an Autoprop and while I do like it we had quite a bit of difficulty with the company. We have the 85 hp Perkins and they gave me a prop with about a 1/2" clearance with the dead wood. When running over 1300 rpms the prob / powertrain would litterly shake the boat.  You can see the documenting of my issues here:  . Scroll down to November 30th where it starts. I had a difficult battle with the company and only when the Bruttons President did I end up with any satisfaction.

    Also; one gotcha was that I needed with the Perkins to install a prop lock. Other wise it would freewheel and I was told that was a no -no with the transmission. And it will free wheel without the lock.

    There is plenty of data in my responses and I will say what I like best is that there is NO cavitation. When it is working it is all working. Good Luck

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  • August 26, 2015 1:23 PM
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    During our repowering of our WS42, Harmony, we were advised to get a MaxProp because the anticipated hydraulic transmission could not be put into reverse to prevent prop free wheeling.  The choice given to us was either go with a feathering prop or get a shaft brake.  I am sure MaxProp was but one of several options, but our boatyard has a "relationship" with PYI.

    With a likely scenario of our needing a new prop to match the engine, the cost of a shaft brake and new prop was estimated to cost about the same as an appropriate maxprop.

    Well, as it turned out our transmission was NOT hydraulic thereby negating the need for a feathering prop or shaft brake.  We were able to recondition our existing fixed 3 blade prop.  Saved us several boat bucks.

    While the drag advantages of a feathering prop would have been great, having a full wallet has maintained a proper ballast ratio on board!!

    However, we did learn that the Maxprop folks wouldn't sell us the unit unless we increased our shaft size significantly from the standard shaft (the old engine was a perkins 85 Hp).  They said the torque on the shaft would shear the shaft.  Hmmmm.  sounded sketchy to us and our mechanic, but it was their product right.

    I mention that in case it comes up with other feathering prop installations.  This was a Maxprop not an AutoProp.

    When I gutted Harmony, I found the shaft brake the prior owner installed.  From what the boatyard said, the brake unit gave the prior owner horrendous service issues and the adjustment process was a large PITA.  Their words, as I have no experience with the unit.

    We are happy with the fixed bladed prop based on its propulsion results.  Yes, up to a knot less drag would be fun, too.


    S/V Harmony

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