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WSSF 0606 0876
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As best we know the boat was originally purchased in Costa Mesa, CA by Carl Key. The boat was moved to Marina Cortez in San Diego. After just a couple of years the boat was sold to unknown buyer. It was sold again a year later to another owner who kept the boat for 34 years. The boat was never cruised and never left Marina Cortez. It was mainly used as a part time live aboard. The owner died in a motorcycle accident and we eventually purchased her through an estate sale in 2016. The boat did not suffer from abuse, just neglect , bad decisions, and lack of maintenance. We spent the past two years bringing her back to life. We still have work to do but the boat is now a worthy representation of a W32 and we enjoy sailing her in the waters off Southern California.
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  • Between 2 or more countries
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