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  • March 18, 2016 5:09 PM
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    Hello my name is Kirby I/we are the new owners penguin w32 #185.. we have brought her back to her new port in pensacola florida. she arrived about a week ago and right away we have undergone getting the boat in shape for salt water.. 

    Our most recent list as follows:

    On the hard.....

    1.Bottom Job

    2.Re stepping rig

    3.Through hull re-greasing

    In the slip........

    1. SS bow sprit/ boomkin 

    2. interior update (Girls department)

    3. Inverter/ charger 

    4. Batteries ( more of them)

    5. Solar/ wind power

    6. Refrigeration cold plate

    7. dorade Vents

    8. wind vane

    9. sail south!!!!!

    seems that the list goes on but we are egar to see the compass at 180* 

    a little about us. my name is Kirby i am 29yr old my fiancé Millee also 29* have been sailing a training boat ( c22) out of pcola for the past few years. I have been sailing lakes, rivers in the northwest since I was 17.. so not very long for all the old salts. millee and i met in comm dive school out of seattle and have been working in the water of the gulf of mexico for the last 6 years being both professional divers we love and live water.

    what I hope to gain as being part of the west sail family is information, wisdom, and encouragement. I'm sure through the many decades of west sail owners here i can make smarter choices about boat maintenance, improvements, and hopefully find some nice places to drop a hook for the night.  


    Kirby Galassi

    W32 Penguin 

  • March 18, 2016 5:37 PM
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    Sounds all good Kirby , we don't get many 29ers around here . I mean that in a good way please . 

    I like your choice of boat ! Heading south , sounds good , keep us posted with some vids , please and thank you .  Mark .

  • March 19, 2016 10:49 AM
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    Kirby - Welcome aboard and do poke around the web site as there are many images and pages with "How I did it" information. Westsail Fixes & FAQ

    Looking at your list of haul out jobs - this list will grow when she's out of the water:)  If you need a formal survey Bud Taplin is available - but on the west coast.  Owners / former owners are also around and are usually very willing to share their experiences.

    Also review here are pictures showing what wrong parts / age does to materials - so please take a look and carefully check your boat rigging.  This page does need a paid membership to access. 

    Finally, for every problem there are multiple free ideas on how to fix - the fun part is you can choose what works for you - and over time know the result of your decision:) . 

    Fair winds 

    Jay Bietz


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