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  • June 26, 2011 7:33 AM
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    2/19/18 - Update to the web site (Thanks to Wild Apricot) code - you can use the More drop down above and insert images from your computer . 


    Here is how you post images to a forum topic with a PC MS Vista/XP/Win 7 and MS IE.  Note that not all Windows based internet browsers allow you to resize the images.  7/21/13 Only MS IE will allow resizing of the images after a paste. djb

    Here I open my Picasa web site (or other web site url) and selected the image in a full sized view, right clicked on the image and choose copy then went back to the WOA topic message body and right click and choose paste.   (In short, you are pasting the photo's link from one web site to this web site)

    To use your WOA photo Album,  from the lower left menu under your login name select View Profile > Member Photo Albums > Select your album to view all the images you have uploaded -- right click on your image and choose copy

    Move to the forum and your topic and while editing in the body of the topice right click and choose paste.  When your image is selected in the topic use the corner boxes to resize to fit.

    Hint: I found that opening two tabs one to the forum and one to your photo album made it easier to repeat the image posting.

      From my WOA photo album of Pygmalion's aft keel, rudder and fin...

    Hope this helps.

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