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  • March 16, 2013 7:55 AM
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    The forum tool bar provides the code to create links to other web sites. 

    Rather then posting long URLs -  by using the the Link tab > Insert link tool you have the same link with one word.

    1. Create/edit a forum topic - note the tool bar tab Link - in yellow below

    2. Left click and drag the cursor over a word/phrase in your topic - release the left click.  This will highlight the text in your post.

    3. Next choose Link > Insert Link on the tool bar and a window opens.

    4. You should see your selected word/phrase in the Link Text box (red circle).

    5. Copy and paste the URL from the web page you wish to link to into the Enter link details box (blue circle) and

    6. Choose Apply changes to save.

    7.  Confirm your topic to post to the forum.

    Tested browsers 
    Vista - IE 9
    Vista - Google Chrome V25

    Let me know if there is a browser /OS that doesn't work.

     PS try out the other tools for forum topics. like undo (the counter clockwise arrow) and redo (clockwise arrow)

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