Westsail the World

WTW Indiegogo Intro from Upstairs Film on Vimeo.

Teaser for the new documentary "Westsail the World" 
For more information see Facebook   View Randy Leasure  introduction.  

Producer Randy Leasure - Tortuga W32 and Director Michael Toubassi are filming a historical documentary of the Westsail Corporation and Westsail sail boats. 

"This Documentary will capture the history of the Westsail Company along with interviews and stories from around the globe of the various luminaries within the Westsail community.

Westsail the World is the opportunity for you to help us preserve this precious history first hand as well as the stories that capture the spirit of sailing off to distant shores.

Please be a part of this important film and help us to all Westsail the World.

Come aboard and share this journey with us as we prepare to capture the people, adventure and dreams of Westsail the World!

Thank you!
Captain Randy Leasure/Producer
Westsail 32 Tortuga "

The initial fundraising with Indiegogo has been completed with $8,350 raised of the estimated  $30,000 needed.    Your contributions are still needed to support a high quality documentary that the Westsail story deserves.  

There is more filming, research, travel to interviews and equipment rental as well as a lot of post production work to be done.  All of the donations will be toward the expenses of making the film.  Randy Leasure is volunteering his time and efforts.  


Westsail the World - Documentary and book. Use these topics to post questions and get answers from Bud and Randy on their projects.
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